I Dont even like M&Ms…

welcome back!

My post today is short and sweet ( see what I did there) to give you some background; my friend came down from Manchester with her family, they spent the day doing touristy things whilst I was at work I met them when i finished and we ended up in Leicester Square. Now I don’t know if you’ve been to Leicester Square but it is tourist central! Anyway the whole reason we went was to go to the M&M store to get some personalised M&Ms… Now I have never eaten M&Ms so didn’t really care for the store much I’ve been in London for a whole year and never felt the urge to go in there, however me having the mental age of a 6 year old had a great time! I think we were in there for about 45 minutes – maybe longer who knows? Time flys when your having fun!

I still haven’t eaten any M&Ms but I learned two things during my visit at M&M world

1. It smells very strongly of Palmers Cocoa Butter

2. DONT pull the leaver to hard as M&Ms will pour out and go everywhere, the staff get a bit annoyed but after a while they get over it -_-


But here are a few snap shots of probably my first and last visit to M&M world :


 M&M World