The Hoxton Pony

So the other day I found out that Hoxton Pony do free food every Thursday, I thought this was too good to be true so me and my friend thought we would pop down to see if the madness was true! Would you believe it the Hoxton Pony has 2-4-1 cocktails and FREE food  ( I did a little dance on the inside) not only that but they have some wicked Dj’s Playing it was like they had taken my phone and started playing my music.



First things first the food! Anyone that knows me knows that I have an unconditional eternal love for chicken wings. And the Hoxton Pony had 2 different types of wings (They clearly know the way to my heart) this was accompanied by a veggie option of wild mushroom risotto or Chilli tacos, Cheese and crackers, Salmon, Coleslaw, Breads, Salad basically they had a bit of everything and something for everyone.



Chicken Wings & Tacos

Chicken Wings & Tacos


The main reason I went to the Hoxton Pony was to see my old housemate we hadn’t seen each over for ages so it was nice to catch up. It feels like we are both always working! however hes working a little bit harder than me as he’s in the process of writing his third play – that’s write third! Its so nice to sit and talk with him a bout all the creative concepts  he has for plays and how they apply to reality and how they are based on the things he has been exposed to.

As I don’t get to see him as often as I would like I know that all I have to do is check  his Twitter or Instagram to be entertained and reminded of why he’s my friend.


The lovely James and our cocktails

The lovely James and our cocktails


The cocktails were great and as most of them were 2-4-1 we ended up staying for a couple of hours whilst we waited for my over friend so we could go on to an event ( This will be my next blog post)  I can defiantly  recommend the Banana Cove pictured above ( tall red one) despite the name it doesn’t actually taste like banana its more of a fresh taste a bit like a Berry Mojito!

I want you guys to hear the song of the evening I had it on repeat the day before so when I walked in and heard it playing I knew the Hoxton Pony was somewhere i would feel at home. Introducing  J.Cole – Cole Summer



To Be Continued…