Canary Wharf and all that Jazz

On Saturday me and a couple of friends went down to Canary Wharf where they had a free Jazz Festival going on!


I decided to take this as an opportunity for me to do an Outfit of the day or #OOTD as its known, its all well and good putting an outfit together ask any of my friends I  get changed at least five times before I leave the house ( could be OCD ) but the thought of taking pictures/ having pictures taken of me makes me cringe to no end. I am the most awkward person when it comes to photographs, I have been ruining pictures since 1991 with this mug of mine.  Also looking back I probably should have tidied my room but this is the price that comes with deciding what to wear and you need to leave at 3 and its half 3 -_-

So here it goes, a few snaps of the outfit I wore to the Canary Wharf Jazz Festival :


Canary Wharf


1. Long line Duster style blazer – ASOS

2. The Playsuit – Topshop

3. Belt – Similar Here

4. Shoe Boots – Topshop Similar here


Annnd back to the Jazz Festival…

It was such a good setting for a small gig, having a musical setting somewhere that people would usually associate with business fiance and work. It was kind of surreal to look up and realize where you actually are…

photo 1(5)


photo 5(3)


photo 4(7)

The first act we saw was not really my type of music but the last act was a Motown band and they were amazing with in seconds everyone was up dancing and singing along. As a young professional living in London it was nice to go to something that was a) Free b) Not just for the ‘edgy’ people.

I’m always on the look out for free music events so in the  future I can to post them on here before event and you guys are in the know about whats going on around London.


Thanks for reading!

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Audio Lounge

Audio Lounge… what can i say about audio lounge?

Well what i can say is that i LOVE Audio Lounge.. after speaking to the creator/ owner of the venue it left me inspired! in fact every one that works there was an absolute pleasure to meet, anyway enough of me talking about how nice people are let me tell you about the actual event…

So every Saturday Audio Lounge hosts an intimate gig for upcoming and inspiring musicians, everyone is welcome to attend and you can nip in and out as you please, although you wont want to nip out as you are literally  enthralled by  the  raw talent of the artists they have playing.





So first up was Nellie Bell an Australian singer song writer who moved to London to record her first album, her music was amazing I only managed to grab a couple minutes of two songs as the memory on my phone is awful and deleting old stuff is on my imaginary to do list. In addition I cant seem to upload the video on here so i will link to here is something recent I found of her on YouTube. As you can imagine seeing this live gives you goosebumps and shivers!





 After Nellie Bell we had the wonderful Adam Wedd! fact about Adam he used to play with Ed Sheeran this had me ready for some serious guitar playing, he did not disappoint he sang beautifully in a husky manly kinda of way  which is why when he handed out his EP ( for free) I was first in line! Again my memory on my darn phone failed me ( makes a mental note to finally buy a hard drive) so you will have to settle for a link to his website so you can get the full Adam Wedd Experience!




And finally you know that saying ‘all dogs look like their owners’ well at audio lounge I found the dog ( Puppy)  that I should own and I fell in love with her!






And that was Audio Lounge, if you ever have the time on a Saturday afternoon and you’re wondering around Marble Arch take the time to visit as you’ll open your ears to a whole new world of talent…