Welcome to Steph’s Room

Allow me to introduce myself (said in my best Jay-Z voice) I’m Steph and this is my room. I talk a lot so I’ll try to keep things short and sweet!

I’m Steph.

AKA Steve, Steveanny, Stephanny, Stevewan, Teppy.. to name but a few.

That's me in the middle thinking I'm some sort of Boss Lady

That’s me in the middle thinking I’m some sort of Boss Lady

Welcome to my first ever blog post!
I currently live in London town, I have lived here for just over a year now and so far so good.
I have two reasons for the name of this blog:

1. My friends used to say coming to my house was like shopping, so if i ever opened a shop i said i would call it
‘Steph’s Room’

2. In March 2014 I decided to try my hand at my own Pop – Up shop obviously I called it ‘Steph’s Room’

I wont bore you with some soppy story about how I’m trying to find myself, because I already told you I live in London. So if your trying to find me that’s probably where I’ll be and if I was trying to find me it would probably be the first place I would look.. anyway I digress – Welcome to my Blog.

(A lot of I’s in there.)

Whats on the blog you ask?

Clothes – I am addicted

Food – My first love

Music – Food for the soul

Life – A series of fortunate and unfortunate events

I feel its best to finish this intro with some random facts (you know like a team building exercise)

1. I once met AKON in St. Petersberg when I visited Russia
2. I don’t like eating spherical foods
3. I wear so much Black I’m pretty much an honorary goth
4. I don’t wear make – up except lipstick on ugly days or special occasions

Like I said I would like my posts to be short sweet and to the point so on that note I hope you enjoy reading my blog!