I was lucky enough to attend the Converse #Consproject in Peckham on Thursday, I invited my friend from oxford to come with me as I knew she would love the concept. The aim of the event was to celebrate the end of their workshops, parties, talks and exhibitions created to enthuse the minds of creatives in London.  I think the best way for you to get an idea of the event is to show you through pictures…






Once we finally got into the event ( The Q was huge) we headed straight to the bar standing in line is thirsty work! We each got a Rum and Coke and preceded to explore the venue.

The Bar was simply dressed with metal work, trainers and beer there was an inbuilt recording studio which was use for the music production workshops,  room dedicated to photography and images of all those that had been involved in the events, workshops and master classes.  Among these were some of Grimes* favorites Bashy, Kano and Dizzie Rascal.



Lets move on to the music! The music did not disappoint and we had the privilege of two stepping the night away whilst our ears were graced with the musical duo known as Mount Kimbie.

If you haven’t heard of them click here and have a little listen, once your done so you will understand how happy me and my friend were * cheesy grins all round*  as we love a good beat!



Picture Cons Project Website

Picture Courtesy of Consproject.com/LDN


And of course no night would be complete without a few selfies and a photo booth memento!

Call me ?

So there you have it a brief insight into our visit to the Cons-project Final Party!


Courtesy of Urban Dictionary :

*Grime is not garage
Grime is not jungle
Grime is not hip-hop and Grime is not ragga.
Grime is a mix between all of these with strong, hard hitting lyrics. It’s the inner city music scene of London.
And is also a lot to do with representing the place you live or have grown up in.


Shire times

So this weekend was spent at home in Oxford or the Shire as I like to call it…


The Shire

The Shire


I love visiting the shire I get to see my family, friends and probably one of my favourite things to do is getting my nails done! Luckily for me my mum runs a hairdressers and nail salon so all my hair and nail whims are met when I go home, although looking at my hair you wouldn’t believe that my mums a hairdresser haha. I went for my usual dark vampy nails, I wear a lot of gold accessories and I think the contrast of the two go really nicely together.



Vampy Nails x Gold Watch


On Sunday I spent a ridiculous amount of time in TK Maxx with my mum buying homeware, I have just moved house for probably the 6th time this year so I needed to get a few bits and pieces as I’ve lost a lot of stuff during my numerous house moves! I have a serious thing for Buddhas and if I could I would probably have a room dedicated to them. TK Maxx had soo many in the end I got a purple one, not that it will go with anything but meh how many people can say they have a purple Buddha head?




Some of my favourite Buddha’s from TKMaxx

After a long day of shopping I decided it would be a great idea to have BBQ with a couple of my friends and my brother and his girlfriend. I made chicken wings which were apparently too spicy ( no such thing) Burgers Posh Hot Dogs from Marks and Sparks Burgers, red and yellow peppers, salad and a lot of condiments! Usually I would have taken a picture of the BBQ Banquet but I was too busy tending the BBQ but luckily my friends took a couple of me being a BBQ pro and eating my favorite Ice Cream with Bubblegum Sauce.




And finally, outfits of the weekend! My mum is my style inspiration and so she will feature on this blog a lot!




Outfit One : Top Newlook | Skirt Vintage Shop| Shoes TopShop | Bag Pull&Bear| Belt TopShop

Outfit Two :  Top Reiss | Shorts Whistles| Shoes | Bag Zara

Outfit Three : Dress Cheap Monday




I hope you enjoyed reading my second blog post!

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Welcome to Steph’s Room

Allow me to introduce myself (said in my best Jay-Z voice) I’m Steph and this is my room. I talk a lot so I’ll try to keep things short and sweet!

I’m Steph.

AKA Steve, Steveanny, Stephanny, Stevewan, Teppy.. to name but a few.

That's me in the middle thinking I'm some sort of Boss Lady

That’s me in the middle thinking I’m some sort of Boss Lady

Welcome to my first ever blog post!
I currently live in London town, I have lived here for just over a year now and so far so good.
I have two reasons for the name of this blog:

1. My friends used to say coming to my house was like shopping, so if i ever opened a shop i said i would call it
‘Steph’s Room’

2. In March 2014 I decided to try my hand at my own Pop – Up shop obviously I called it ‘Steph’s Room’

I wont bore you with some soppy story about how I’m trying to find myself, because I already told you I live in London. So if your trying to find me that’s probably where I’ll be and if I was trying to find me it would probably be the first place I would look.. anyway I digress – Welcome to my Blog.

(A lot of I’s in there.)

Whats on the blog you ask?

Clothes – I am addicted

Food – My first love

Music – Food for the soul

Life – A series of fortunate and unfortunate events

I feel its best to finish this intro with some random facts (you know like a team building exercise)

1. I once met AKON in St. Petersberg when I visited Russia
2. I don’t like eating spherical foods
3. I wear so much Black I’m pretty much an honorary goth
4. I don’t wear make – up except lipstick on ugly days or special occasions

Like I said I would like my posts to be short sweet and to the point so on that note I hope you enjoy reading my blog!